When you really examine what marketing is for a brand you have to come to the conclusion that everything is marketing. Marketing goes well beyond the visual. It is every instance there is a connection between a community and a brand. All are important.

Social Media Strategy

Before the creative tag-line, bumper sticker slogan and jingle there is the story that you want to tell. We work with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, their industry and competition and their audience. We then can help our client plan a one-time marketing campaign around a product roll-out or simply help with establishing a brand’s narrative.

Online Campaigns

With any marketing campaign the message will be most effectively delivered to the intended audience when web content and print design is followed through with a well orchestrated online campaign. Online campaigns are not simply banner ads and hyperlinks, they can and should engage a brands’ community and trigger action on their part. Banners, social networks and content collection can go a long way when planned well and implemented with a smart strategy.

Expansion & Growth

It is our hope that every Canary client and brand is successful and is given new life because of our assistance. We watch our clients’ progress and examine their needs on a regular basis. As the need or opportunity arises we are always excited to help our clients grow and improve their products, brand and services.

“It's been inspiring to watch you grow that business” Ovis Means / Independent Music Consultant


“The folks at Humid Beings are the best kind of locals: they are engaged, caring, passionate, and egalitarian. They love New Orleans, and it shows. Get to know them.” Marcia Wall / Creator of 411 NOLA