Having been inspired ourselves many times over with new ideas for products, we understand what it takes to properly launch a new brand. The establishment of the brand message, logo design and print collateral for communications is one of the most important moments in a new product or company’s life-cycle. Helping a client from the beginning is exciting and rewarding for us because it allows us to establish through all marketing, design and content a consistent narrative.

Solid messaging needs copywriting that helps to tell the story, set the right tone and engage the reader. With copy we believe a good tagline informs, but a great tagline begs the question. With each new brand launch we help to establish the tone and plan how to express it through all mediums of communication.

Logo design, branding guidelines, business signage, customer & community analysis and domain set-up are all important moments in a successful brand launch.

“Thank you, thank you for all your patience, help & time! It's been wonderful working with you all from Canary Collective.” Victoria Salisbury / Head of Marketing, Louisiana State Museum


“” Austin Lavin / Managing Director of
“Wanted to let you know that the positive feedback is pouring in. The PRC program office (CDC) loves the new site.” Lisa Hoffman Falconer, MPH, CHES / Communications and Training Coordinator, Prevention Research Center at Tulane University
“You have been amazing! And this platform is REALLY connecting with our customers. People are blown away! Gaia is setting an industry precedent!” Ann Buchman / Head of Marketing, Gaia Herbs
“'re a wizard for all that you do for us.” Rachel Pucket / Arts Council of New Orleans staff