Greater New Orleans Inc offered us an opportunity to produce three company profiles that are exciting new arrivals to the New Orleans market. The process we developed with GNO allowed us to produce all three spots in an efficient and timely manner while highlighting the key motifs that brought these dynamic companies to New Orleans.

We developed the scripts through an online questionnaire. This enabled us to identify rubrics while not monopolizing the subjects time. From the questionnaire we were able to highlight the key factors that lead them to New Orleans. From here we scheduled and visited each company and captured an audio-only interview with each subject; knowing what motifs we were angling to capture, but limiting the amount of production time the company principals would need to set aside to accommodate us. We then took these audio interviews, had them transcribed, and shared the logs with our production partners. The transcriptions allowed us to edit the important points down into a short, one minute audio file that read naturally and hit the elements that GNO and Canary had identified as key motifs. Finally storyboards, motion and sound effects were added to each.

Three different spots with a consistent look that we can replicate in the future. All within budget, on-time, and with a streamlined production process that respected the time constraints of the principals who are establishing great new businesses in New Orleans.

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Federated Sample
Blade Dynamics