We have developed, over 8 years, a system which enables us to launch and configure flexible publishing platforms and web sites with ease. Our Content Management System (CMS), which we refer to as Willdoo, is centrally hosted. This means that as we make improvements to the system on the whole, each of our clients’ sites will benefit. The CMS is the set of tools that you will use to manage every piece of content and data on your site. Due to the speed at which we can configure and launch your CMS, we are able to spend more time on the actual site development while you begin taking control of your content.

We are strong supporters of the custom-built approach to content management. This is in opposition to the turnkey approach which some other companies prefer. Using a third party, pre-built CMS introduces numerous constraints into the development process. The Willdoo platform, on the other hand, is extremely flexible and we tailor the CMS to fit precisely to your site’s content. We will provide only the most appropriate tool for each type of content that you need to control.

When we originally built Willdoo, we knew that we would have a number of users with various needs – so the system would have to be versatile. However, we also knew that the majority of people with whom we would work are creative types. Their main online goals would include publishing visual and audible media. A CMS with a steep learning curve, or one which would require the user to have technical knowledge for publishing online media, would be a barrier to productivity for our clients (especially if they would be managing a web site with a large amount of content). Hence we made sure that Willdoo was extremely user friendly and that small teams would be able to maintain various types of content, in vast quantities, with minimal effort.

Willdoo has continued to grow and evolve over the past seven years. We have configured it to work with a variety of specialized web sites and applications. During this time we have been able to watch our clients work with the system. We have learned by experience which of its tools worked well in addressing our clients’ needs, and those which left something to be desired. In cases where Willdoo fell short, we made improvements. The outcome of these changes was a set of online tools which are very efficient in helping our clients achieve their publishing tasks – in a short amount of time and with no redundant actions. Willdoo users can sign in, add their new content, and sign out knowing that images have been sized appropriately, videos have been encoded for desktop and mobile browsers, and articles have been sent to the places for which they were intended. Our vast tool set has enabled us to build, and most importantly maintain, any possible online experience.

When we talk about our tool set, to what are we referring? Here are just a few of the tools available in Willdoo:

  • Drag and drop: Everything is sortable by dragging and dropping, be it a site section, page within a section, or document in a document list.
  • Images handling: All uploaded images are automatically cropped, batch-resized, and batch-copied to the appropriate places behind the scenes. If additional cropping is needed, there is a Facebook-style image cropping tool on board.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration: Large files, such as high-res imagery, video files and audio files are automatically stored on specialized 3rd party networks so that they can be served to the public efficiently and without bogging down the main web site or tying up resources.
  • Audio and video encoding: All new media files are automatically converted so that they are playable in legacy formats as well as the latest desktop and mobile formats. We use a 3rd party service for this, but Willdoo will send the media to the service and then receive and publish the finished copies when ready.
  • E-letter content publishing: The system allows you to pick and choose from existing site content to include in upcoming email e-letters.
  • Blogging tools: Standard blogging functions, such as tagging and categorizing.
  • News aggregation: This tool automatically accumulates relevant community news (from selected news feeds) into your database, allowing your content team to scan through a list of recent headlines, optionally add commentary to any imported article and then post the article and commentary directly to the site in a single click. This “automated plus curated” process takes only minutes to do, eliminates copying and pasting and will save your staff a tremendous amount of time and effort. Furthermore it provides the means to keep fresh content flowing to the site.

Finally, while there is only a minimal learning curve involved in using the Willdoo CMS, we will provide a walk-through demonstration for your staff at your office or over the phone. There are also a few video demos